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We Will Fight Your Criminal Charges

At Gellhaus & Gellhaus, P.C., we offer practical and prudent advice in a wide array of legal matters, including criminal defense. In order to best meet the needs of our clients in Aberdeen, our criminal defense attorneys focus on cases involving misdemeanors like:

  • DUI and drunk driving For many people, a charge of impaired driving can be a scary first encounter with the criminal justice system. We can help you maneuver the judicial process while aggressively protecting your rights.
  • Traffic tickets Something as seemingly minor as a speeding ticket can have serious implications for your driving privileges and your criminal record. We can represent your interests and help you pursue a fair resolution.
  • Drug charges We help people defend against a variety of allegations involving controlled substances, including street drugs and prescription medications. We can help you fight charges of drug possession, trafficking or manufacturing.

Many people believe it is best to cooperate with law enforcement and prosecutors in the face of criminal accusations. It may be tempting to make a charge “go away” by pleading guilty or paying a fine without question.

However, sometimes admitting to an offense can have consequences that you do not fully understand. Often, an experienced lawyer can help you minimize criminal penalties and keep your record clean.

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We encourage you to contact us for a free initial consultation, so you can learn more about your rights and your options in the face of criminal charges. Please call us at 605-277-4206 or toll-free at 800-869-9579.