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Finding Solutions During Civil Disputes

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Most people try to avoid conflict. We strive to do our best work and deal honestly with others. Regardless, disagreements are part of human nature, and as long as people exist, there will be disputes.

At Gellhaus & Gellhaus, P.C., we work with individuals in northeast South Dakota who are involved in disputes. When clients contact us, we take the time to learn what led to the dispute, and we educate individuals about their options and the best way to proceed. If you think a problem is brewing, it’s advantageous to contact an Aberdeen civil litigation attorney proactively. Asking for help before the problem gets out of hand can help both parties get better results. Even if it’s too late to prevent the dispute, it’s not too late to find a cost-effective resolution.

Timely Solutions, Cost-Effective Answers

If you’re contacting a lawyer for assistance solving a problem, it’s because you need a timely and cost-effective answer. We help individuals with the damage control that must be done to resolve disputes, and we have experience resolving the full spectrum of civil litigation, including matters related to:

  • Insurance disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Nursing home neglect
  • Social Security Disability claims
  • Will contests
  • Foreclosure, including contracts for deed foreclosure and mechanic’s liens foreclosure
  • Business disputes, including shareholder disputes and owner disputes
  • Contract disputes

Contact Our Attorneys

Regardless of the dispute you are facing, we can help you find the solution you need. Learn more about the representation we offer by scheduling your free initial consultation. We can be reached online or by calling 605-277-4206.