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Minimizing risk for your kids on the farm

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2019 | Firm News

Children who grow up on farms are familiar with the amount of work farming requires. And while these kids grow up accustomed to taking responsibility for completing chores and working together as a family, there are many potential safety concerns involved.

Living and working on the farm can be hazardous in a variety of ways, as loud machinery, potentially toxic chemicals and heavy animals are typically part of the daily experience. However, although the farm can present dangers to your children, there are some things you can do to increase safety on your farm.

Decrease potential dangers to your children

We can’t prevent all accidents from happening, or from kids being kids. That’s why it may be helpful to consider:

  • Storing chemicals where your kids cannot access them
  • Removing the keys from pieces of machinery when you are done using them for the day
  • Locking up firearms and storing ammunition separately
  • Putting a fence around pools of water
  • Providing protective equipment, such as earplugs and safety glasses
  • Not allowing young children to ride on tractors

While these steps, and others, can minimize risk, in some cases we cannot prevent accidents from happening. This is particularly true if it involves defective equipment, for example. In those cases, legal help is available. Otherwise, simple steps can greatly help to reduce the odds of a serious injury.